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Rubber Mat For Electrical Purpose
Rubber Mats As per IS 5424:1969

Rubber mats are used as floor covering around electrical panels as a safeguard to the life and limb of the workmen due to possible leakage of current and short-circuit.Rubber mats are used in power generation plants, sub-stations, workshops etc.

Composition :Manufactured out of rubber compound of high quality Natural Rubber.
Surface : The rubber mats have chequered, anti-skid fluted design or plain at bottom as per the requirement of the purchaser.
Thickness Range : 8.5 mm to 25 mm for chequered or fluted, 6.5 mm to 25 mm for plain.
Length x Width : 2.0 mtr x 1.0 mtr.
1.8 mtr x 0.9 mtr.
Colour : Black unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Any colour also available on request.
Technical Particulars : Tensile strength 50 kgf/cm2
Elongation at break 250%
Voltage Test : The rubber mats are tested to pass the voltage test at 15000 volts for one minute without any puncture or warming effect.
Breakdown Strength : Shall not fail at less than 40000 volts as per the procedure outlined in IS : 2584/83.

Duratuf Insulating Mats as per IS 15652:2006



[A] Physical Properties
1. Color :Black/Red/Blue without Metallic Derivatives
2. Thickness :
 Voltage SystemsThickness
(A)Up to 3.3 KV- 2.0 mm thick
(B)Above 3.3 to 11 kV- 2.5 mm thick 
(C)11 kV to 33 kV- 3.0 mm thick

  1. High Die Electric Strength Up to 65 KV.
  2. Insulation Resistance Above 1000000 Mega Ohm.
  3. Fire Retardant.
  4. Good Mechanical Properties to Withstand Load and Movement of Breaker Trolleys and Associated Electrical Equipment including heavy foot traffic.
  5. No Adverse Effect of Acids, Alkalis and Transformer Oil.
  6. Manufactured Without Any Metallic Derivatives
  7. Suitable For Both A.C & D.C Electrical Installations
  8. Easy To Install, Can Be Pasted.
  9. Water And Moisture Proof, Does Not Decay.
  10. High Tensile Strength and Elongation Properties


Prevailing StandardsTraditional Rubber MatsDuratuf High Voltage Insulating Mats New Standard
BIS DOC. 5440Above 6 mm3 mm  & below 3 mmIS-15652 : 2006
 Dislocates / Bottleneck for Trolley Movement, maintenance activities are disturbedPastable type, Permanently fixed, smooth Trolley movementIS-15652 : 2006
 Decays / Poor lifeLong LifeLong Life
BIS DOC. 5440Highly fire prone and Fire encouragingFire RetardantIS-15652 : 2006
 Absorb MoistureSafe / Moisture ProofSafe / Moisture Proof
 Poor Electrical InsulationHigh Electrical Insulation PropertiesHigh Electrical Insulation Properties
IS : 8437 Part I & IEC – 479 clause3.2.33&4.2Unsafe  in case of earth Leakage Current100% Shockproof Below 10 mA at 66 KVIS-15652 : 2006
 UglyElegant / Aesthetic LookIS-15652 : 2006
 Cleanliness not possibleWashable / easy to cleanLong Life
BIS DOC. 5440 Clause 3.5.3Adversely effected by Chemicals associated with electrical industry like Alkalis, Acids, Diesel, Transformer oil etc.No effect of these chemicalsWashable / easy to clean

NOTE: IS = Indian Standards
BIS = Bureau of Indian Standards